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Ta Da

Ta Da

Rubin the Cat Records


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"Jennie DeVoe is a small woman with a voice seven times her size." says Ken Honeywell. "Her second album, Ta Da, is not so much a stretch from the first as a deeper development of her craft, a polishing of her considerable skills as both a singer and a songwriter. It’s a strong package of bluesy, rootsy rock and roll, in the great midwestern tradition of Mellencamp and Seger, with a national-caliber production gloss. And with great chops: DeVoe has enlisted the help of such luminary sidemen as Kenny Aronof and Randy Brecker to help put her tunes across. It all works exceptionally well. The songs, most written by DeVoe and guitarist Brett Lodde, are uniformly catchy: there’s not a stinker in the bunch."


The song "How I Feel," started getting radio play across the country, and went on to win Billboard Magazine's World Song Contest (Best Pop Song, 2004). 


DeVoe's voice as a songwriter is even more finely developed here. From the bluesy "Loreli," featuring Sonny Landreth on slide guitar, to the twisty and breathtaking "Away," about addiction, ("What if God's just makin' a movie/And this is just my part/Then all this drama and this chaos/Is really only art") to the dizzying, almost rap-like lyrical intensity of "Forward In Time," ("I got aches and I got chains/And I've got demons I give names/So I can tell 'em all exactly where to go/I got claws, I got scars/I've been to hell, I've been to Mars"), all the way through the slinky jazz of "Don't Forget to Breathe."

"She can power her voice way up, in songs like “Away,” in which she summons a brassy brilliance, say s another review. "DeVoe's direct, confessional and well observed songs roll tape on an intriguing movie of many parallel plots. She sings with tremendous confidence in a natural resource -her very present, breathy voice."


"The artist," says NUVO Newsweekly, "has every right to be proud of this excellent album. " 

*Note: The album's original artwork (right) was lost through a computer glitch by the publisher, so new artwork was designed  in 2011.

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