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Meet the Band

Brett Lodde, Guitar

Jennie says: "Brett is my guitar player. I can safely say that. I don't know how I got so lucky as to have lured him into my world but he came along without kicking and screaming and we've now been playing and writing together for over 15 years. I guess where there is a will to make music then you find the key people who make things click. Brett is one of the major keys in my music career that has allowed me to be an artist. Like Greg, Brett comes from a music place that is way different that mine. I'm a song person I'd say. Brett is a guitar person. He can do stuff on the guitar that only skilled pros can do. Honestly, I think Brett has more talent than many a player out there but we all know that that's not the key to fame and fortune. I'm not saying we have the key to fame and fortune either but we do have a will to make music that has brought us together. I've loved watching Brett go from intense guitar space filling to a mature groove-oriented, rhythmic and skilled side-man with an amazing taste in melodies. It takes going full-circle to accomplish the key ingredient in good song making and music making, it's a secret that so many forget and that is to "simplify." Making things listenable, tasteful, melodic, enjoyable to the ears is such an elusive animal. I've gotten to watch and listen to Brett over the years and it's refreshing to feel and hear that growth in him and in myself. We didn't have a rule book of 'how to write songs' together. If there is one, well, I'm glad we never read it. I feel like the joining of our two different worlds has been the template for lots of my songs having a flavor and uniqueness that doesn't sound like anyone else on the radio. There are a lot of formula-driven hit angles we could have taken but creating art and applying all of your years of music together gets you something really cool if you're lucky.  I think we are a bit lucky in our results sometimes and we know it. Somehow if feels like God sees you working and grants you certain songs if you work hard enough. Brett is sort of my other half in music and I'm honored he's still with me making good music."

Brett Lodde playing guitar for Jennie DeVoe at Blues at the Crossroads
"Got myself some good tunes, rolling right along singing rhymes, windshield wipers groovin', moving right along keeping time, gonna pick me up some good friends, we're taking exit 229." - Jennie DeVoe
John Wittman plays drums for Jennie DeVoe

John Wittman, Drums

Jennie says: "Over the years John Wittmann has become like a brother to me and my main drummer at my shows.  John and Greg had been in many touring bands before I ever met them and both came from different musical back grounds and tastes. I can't stress enough how key it is that when you enter a "band" situation, that there will be compromise, end of story. No one really gets it their way, except maybe the artist. That's me. That may sound selfish, but without a focus and a path, so many bands flounder and push and pull until the fun is no longer there. When each player comes with an agenda or their own path or focus that isn't that of the Artist's, then things won't go well. Songs and focus will suffer. For me to have people like John and Brett and Greg and Bill in the band who consider this a labor of love and never question my path, it's a huge relief and adds to any successes we manage over the years as we perform live or record. It's a pleasure beyond pleasures to not have to apologize to your players for your choices and it's mandatory to keeping the fire alive within yourself to keep writing and envisioning how you want songs to go. Each time it seems to get better and easier and that only comes with maturity and willingness from amazing players. It's the attitude a player brings to a show or a session that makes them a pro or not a pro. Willingness and bendy-ness is all an artist wants. When guys are as good as John you can throw different things their way and they listen and try. It means you're working with the best when they ask you, the artist, what you want. John has been my drummer for over 15 years and we've come a long way in our playing and friendship and it's been a great trip!" 



Jeff Stone, Bass

Jeff Stone is a veteran musician with years of touring & recording experience playing bass covering a variety of styles of music.He has worked with Bunny Brunel, Willie Weeks, Charlie Banacos, Joe Bonamassa, John Parish, Paul Corkett to name a few. Jeff has been a studio bassist & live performer for hundreds of commercials and CD's for artists including Healing Sixes, Jennie DeVoe, & Bill Price.

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