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"Jennie DeVoe has one of the best voices in music today. She's one of those rare artists who writes all her own stuff, humble and kind (no Diva complex here)...her bluesy, powerhouse voice will literally knock your socks off." - Michelle Kinsey, Muncie Star Press
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I Breakdown
It Hurt So Bad
Try Harder
Here Comes the Rain
Jennie & Her Music
Georgia on my Mind
How I Fe
Super Bowl
Keep You Company
You Belong To Me
The Big Amen
All That Sugar
Me & Bobb McGee
Faster Johnny


DeVoe is a fiercely independent singer/songwriter with a unique personal style of Americana-Soul-Roots and Blues music that has earned her loyal fans of all ages and from all musical genres. Purist fans loyal to folk, blues, jazz and soul music all find something to love in Jennie's music which is not an easy feat. She's shared stages with John Hiatt, Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams, Joe Cocker, Edwin McCain, Gregg Allman, and played mega-side stages for the biggest stars including Sting, Lyle Lovett, Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, Fiona Apple, and more. Whether you are a fan of Dylan or Prine, Aretha or Macy, Sting, Allison Krauss, Zeppelin, Mumford & Sons, Jack Johnson, Nina Simone, Etta James, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Joss Stone, The Rolling Stones or Katy Perry - Jennie can cast a spell strong enough to win you over. After a recent show opening for John Hiatt, Jennie was stopped by John's wife, Nancy who declared herself a new fan saying, "you are mesmerizing!" Jennie offered to give Nancy her cds and Nancy said, "I just bought all your cds. Never give your music away, you are too good!" Jennie has something special that people gravitate towards. The thrill for her always comes from reaching an audience and feeling that symbiotic energy that only happens when both the artist and audience connect. On stage, Jennie has the unique ability to make you laugh and cry. She lets her guard down and engages her audience with one of the best senses of humor and storytelling that you could find in any artist around today.  

Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, by C. McDonald:

"Beyond DeVoe's compelling sound - her soulful hippie-funk vocals - is her hypnotic, manic energy. She is capable of engaging totally, locking eyes, her conversation instantly confessional and intimate, wacky and profound as she rockets from topic to topic. With her pierced nose, bohemian affectations, there's a rowdiness and youth about her, and to make her laugh is to bask in her particular brand of strange sunshine -- fans, photographers, street vendors, babies and animals seem to lean into what she radiates, and work all the harder to keep the attention coming. Her fears are dying of boredom, wearing pantyhose and being tortured by the squeaky sound of balloons or Styrofoam. Her voice isn't the kind that's manufactured in the pop-princess factory. It's bigness is all about resonance and solidity. It's deliberate, not coy; controlled yet unpredictable. DeVoe's vocals have a wise, raw quality that reveal her to be more than just a pretty-good-for-a-local-girl kind of talent. Her lyrics are smart, kooky and often pleasingly simple..."

There's all kinds of places we could go

ends of the earth or the other side of the road

I just want someone to wag their tail

when I walk through the door

I was a girl on a dashboard in a grass skirt
you were a long day in a living room
honest day's work and I'd dance for you
then you'd ask me to move….so you could see
Hawaii 5-0  on the TV ……..and you'll need
        Redeeming, Redeeming Redeeming after all

-Jennie DeVoe, "Redeeming,"
Fireworks & Karate Supplies

“After 20+ years of experience operating a 175 seat ‘listening house’ venue, we feel we have a very keen sense of what artists are most successful in our environment. Jennie DeVoe would be our shining exemplar.  Beyond her awesome talent as a blues singer-songwriter, she has the stage presence and personality that captures and captivates the intimacy of our venue.  Her ability to quickly read her audience and make a personal connection is a talent possessed by few. Her willingness to share her deepest insights with an audience endears her to them, and them to her, immediately. Jennie’s talent deserves to be seen in an environment where people can fully appreciate her talents.  I’m sure she is fabulous at festival and in bar settings, but to really appreciate her, see her in a listening house where you can fully realize the magnitude of her talents.”


          --Bill and Maxine Aten, Proprietors of Aten Place, Concerts in the Barn, Boyne Falls, MI

Jennie DeVoe plays the main stage at WARMFest
Jennie DeVoe at The Rathskeller

David Lindquist, music critic for

The Indianapolis Star calls Jennie:

"an endearing soul-blues singer who radiates the vibe of a 21st century flower child. Her potent gospel-blues voice tames any crowd she encounters. She now inhabits the dangerous, iconic space of Janis Joplin. It is always a thrill to see a new audience discover her talents."  

Bonnie Raitt

(giving a shout-out from the stage at one of her shows)


"You guys have a great talent here in Indianapolis, you know! Jennie DeVoe is a great songwriter & performer & one of the hardest working musicians I know!"

Jennie DeVoe opens for John Hiatt

Barbara Dacey, PD for WMVY on Martha's Vineyard begins an interview with Jennie at Radio & Record's annual Triple-A Radio conference saying, "Your performance last night was incredible. I'm impressed with your voice. I listened to your CD all night. I liked it a lot!" This is the general consensus among the radio program and music directors where Jennie is the only non-major label independent artist performing in Boulder, CO alongside John Mayer, Ray LaMontagne and other major-label artists. In an industry  increasingly dictated by the tastes of 12 year olds, there are listeners who hunger for music with emotional complexity and depth and Jennie DeVoe has it. John Wittmann, DeVoe's drummer sums it up by saying, "To be able to work with someone  who writes music this good is truly rare. Jennie is an incredible artist, and her voice  is an incredible instrument."       

Jennie DeVoe performs

Angela Nelson, of Playground Magazine, Atlanta, GA writes:

"Tonight the room overflowed with talent as Jennie DeVoe and her band performed in front of a packed house at Eddie's Attic. It was standing room only. Jennie displays experience well beyond her years with powerful vocals and soulful sounds. She has an awesome stage presence, great sense of humor, and honesty  in her music that speaks to you. Her soulful lyrics are full of emotion that knocks on your heart's door, walks right in, and makes you feel. As I looked around the room, I could see that each and every person was intently watching, listening and enjoying this moment in time. Everyone in the room felt a connection. One couldn't help but be drawn in. This larger than life, dynamite in a small package performer will win you over quickly as she has with so many."

Jennie has licensed her own songs to Corona Beer, Major Television Shows, won a Billboard Magazine Songwriting Award for her song "How I Feel," been added to Triple-A and College Radio Stations and shared stages with greats, winning over hearts and audiences belonging to major label artists and those artists themselves. She also signed a deal with SonyRed Distribution for her 4th studio album, Strange Sunshine.  Despite being courted by some of the biggest labels out there, including Universal and Atlantic, to name a few Jennie has remained fiercely independent. She has recorded her last three studio albums in Bath and Bristol England with famed Producer and Musician John Parish (PJ Harvey, Tracy Chapman, The Eels). Her most recent release, Radiator: The Bristol Sessions, was powered by a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, attracting the likes of NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart and his Foundation. He and Jennie have found a huge common ground in a love for all kinds of animal and kid causes. Soon the President of Klipsch Audio, Paul Jacobs, became one of the producers of the new record as well.

JennieDeVoe and he band: Brett Lodde, Greg McGuirk, John Wittman, Bill Ritter

“Jennie DeVoe    

  never fails to

  deliver intense,

  deeply personal  

  songs that draw

  you into her


  world. One part

  power with two

  parts raw emotion,

  Jennie is the

  perfect blend of

  spirit, style and



 -Paul Jacobs,President of

   Klipsch Audio

Jennie DeVoe performs for 20,000 people at Super Bowl Village
Jennie DeVoe plays the Blues at the Crossroads Festival

“DeVoe has a big, expansive voice that can go from a Joplin-esque, throaty raspiness in one note to explosive heights with the next. That range and power brings to mind a bluesy, funky rocker who could be considered a DeVoe contemporary - Alice Smith. Like Smith, DeVoe is a singer who is not content to be bound by the limits of genre. Strange Sunshine is a record for listeners who love good lyrics. DeVoe's songwriting captures the wittiness, world weariness, hope and simple brilliance that is blues music at its best. Simply stated, the musicianship on this record is excellent. That should go without saying...except it doesn't. The star of this show is DeVoe's vocal instrument. its not just her range and power that impresses. DeVoe sings with an honesty that makes the listener believe she is baring her soul on every track. Highly Recommended.

-Howard Dukes, Soul Tracks Magazine

"She knocks you flat with her amazing voice, and you forget where you are entirely. Jennie DeVoe is the kind of singer who makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention. To watch her work is to fall in love with someone who is in love with what they do."

-Rob Nichols, NUVO Newsweekly

Amazing Grace

Thank you for giving me and my music any of your time. Every stage we get to perform on is another blessing and an awesome chance to entertain and reach new fans. I hope you enjoy what you hear and thank you for any opportunities you may pass our way! We are a professional, fun and very grateful bunch of people and I hope to play for you soon!

Peace n love, Jennie XO 

Jennie DeVoe performs
Info Strip

"Jennie DeVoe's live shows are magic."
-John Bommarito, DJ, Ann Arbor's 107One

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