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Thank You, Goodnight

Thank You, Goodnight

Rubin the Cat Records


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A lot of artists release live cds--but very few of them are made up of primarily brand-new material!


Following Ta Da, DeVoe's blockbuster sophomore effort, Thank You, Goodnight builds on the solid blues-rock of that album, veering more into the territory where she has staked a claim: Americana-Blues-Soul-Rock-Hippie-Funk. It's hard to pigeon-hole DeVoe into just one genre--and that's just the way she and her fans like it! "Isn't it time," DeVoe asks on one of the new tracks, "to be free?" 


In this collection, there's the blues-anthem "Born to Be Bad," the jazzy "Little Obsession," the heartbreaking, "Angels Cry," and, from Ta Da, the Billboard Award-Winning Best Pop Song, "How I Feel," and the rockin' live version of "Away." Throughout, the listener is treated to a bit of what they can expect at any live Jennie DeVoe show: a bit of 'accidental comedy.' DeVoe has the very rare gift of being able to make her audience laugh nearly as much as she blows them away with her singing--just one of the things that makes every show unique from any other. 


If you are unable to catch Jennie DeVoe live at a venue near you, this album is for you. And if you've got every CD but this one, because it's "live," and you've never been a fan of "live" CDs, trust us--you're going to want to get to make an exception for this one!


*Also, be sure to check out the "live from the living room" version of "Give A Little Love," as featured on the natioanlly-syndicated show, PetPals TV. Click here to learn more!

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