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Recording with John

Recording in England with John Parish

When it came time to record here 3rd record, Fireworks & Karate Supplies, Jennie knew that she wanted to go in a different direction than she had with her first two albums. After listening to Tracy Chapman's CD, Let It Rain, she looked up the producer of that CD, John Parish, (click here to learn more about John), and sent him a demo. And soon, off she went to England to make her first record with John.

Radiator: The Bristol Sessions is DeVoe's 3rd collaboration with the sought after producer, best known for his work with PJ Harvey, The Eels, and KT Tunstall. DeVoe and Parish have developed a unique working relationship that has fostered deep growth and insight with each new album, beginning with Fireworks & Karate Supplies, and continuing with Strange Sunshine. The new recording features Parish on drums, Robert Plant's bassplayer Billy Fuller, and DeVoe's own band-mates Brett Lodde on guitar, and Greg McGuirk on keys. It's filled with retro-surf/western-flavored guitar, a British back-beat, and a 70's soul-infusion, all powered by DeVoe's knock-out voice and her best lyrics yet. Says Jennie of John: "What John does, in my humble opinion, is take songs where they should be. He listens in a way that makes him a phenomenal player and producer and not everyone takes the time to get feel and tempo where they need to be for the song to work.  John does.  I think finding a producer you think like or who knows where you want your songs to go and you as an artist want to go is so so important. I can honestly say John cares about every song and every part he lays down as well as what you're laying down.  He wants it to be 'believable' as much as the artist and I think we've struck up a great mutual respect yet I do know enough to know I view him as a mentor too.  It's a great thing and I can't wait to work with him again."

Radiator was also DeVoe's first effort produced in part through a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. DeVoe raised over 260% of her goal through the popular fan-funded website, which allows fans to pledge anywhere from $1 to $10,000 to a creative project in return for rewards ranging from copies of the finished project, to private concerts in their living rooms. The Tony Stewart Foundation, with whom she has partnered on animal and kid causes (more on that here) was one of the projects biggest supporters, along with Paul Jacobs, president of Klipsch Audio.

In support of the Kickstarter campaign for Radiator, a wealth of material was produced for fans, including videos, a "Making of" website, and a book. Some of the videos are below, as well as links to the other material can be found below. Enjoy this intimate look at the recording process for Radiator: The Bristol Sessions.

Radiator Videos & Links

The Making of Radiator, Episode 1: "What It Takes to Make a Record"
The Making of Radiator, Episode 2: "Bristol Sensibility"
The Making of Radiator, Episode 3: "Twist Your Head"
Kickstarter Campaign Video for Radiator: The Bristol Sessions
Click the image to visit the Making of Website!
Click the image to learn more about the Radiator Book!
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