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Radiator: The Bristol Sesssions

Radiator: The Bristol Sessions

Rubin the Cat Records


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Blues Matters'  Rhys Williams says, "This could be the release that ultimately elevates Devoe to even greater commercial success and earns her even more loyal devotees.'

"Devoe’s voice is the kind of timeless and potent blues-gospel voice we tend not to hear too often nowadays, there’s hints of Janis Joplin, Etta James and Aretha Franklin and even, at times, Tina Turner. Perhaps the most obvious modern comparison is Californian songstress Beth Hart, though there’s far less country in Devoe’s voice, which eschews Hart’s somewhat sunny disposition for more of the impassioned gospel and world-weary soul inflections of the great female blues singers. Her voice is dynamic and diverse though, melodic and purring one moment, vengeful and snarling the next, yet always emotionally and stylistically connected to her material. Radiator is an all-original collection and as such highlights the singer’s strength as a diverse songwriter too.'

""Keep The Faith" and "I’ll Keep You Alive" could’ve come straight out of Carole King-era Brill Building, whereas "You Belong To Me" has a much more considered Soul-revival sound that wouldn’t sound out of place on the next Adele or Duffy album. She’s also more than happy to let rip and show the extent of her impressive vocal talents on heavier material, such as album highlight "Shovel & Spoon," where her vocal delivery becomes deliberately unhinged and aggressive."

Radiator is Jennie DeVoe's 3rd collaboration with famed producer John Parish, best known for his work with PJ Harvey, Tracy Chapman, The Eels and most recently, KT Tunstall.


The recording features 3rd time DeVoe producer John Parish (PJ Harvey, Tracy Chapman) on drums, guitars and accordion, Billy Fuller on bass (also Robert Plant's current bass player), and DeVoe's own bandmates Brett Lodde on guitar, and Greg McGuirk on keys and accordion. Devoe began writing most of the songs on Radiator on guitar, ending up writing several on piano and organ, giving the record an underlying gospel-tinged flavor.


It's filled with soulful melodic lyrical delivery from DeVoe with a 70's soul-infusion vocal sound reminiscent in flavors of  Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse; all supported by a solid blend of retro surf/western-flavored guitar, a British back-beat, Lodde's solid rhythm guitars and McGuirks' piano, Hammond B3 organ and unique quirky Melotron parts that suit DeVoe's style to a "T." 


A proudly independent artist, this was DeVoe's first effort produced in part through a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, with The Tony Stewart Foundation being one of the projects biggest supporters. DeVoe raised over 260% of her goal through the popular fan-funded website, which allows fans to pledge anywhere from $1 to $10,000 to a creative project, in return for rewards ranging from copies of the finished project, to private concerts in their living rooms. Says Williams, "those who contributed this time around can rest assured they’ve invested their money wisely. Anyone investing their time in this release is sure to feel the same."

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