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Blue Sky Radio Hour

Blue Sky Radio Hour

Rubin the Cat Records

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Blue Sky Radio Hour is a collection of fan favorite songs previously only heard live in concert, of alternate versions, and of hidden gems.


The song which gives the album it's title, "Blue Sky, Big Sun," became an instant classic when Jewelers Reis-Nichols and several others across the country picked the previously unreleased song to be featured in a series of popular television ads. Viewers immediately wanted to know what that sond was and where they could get it!


Included in this collection of misfits--which all hold together quite nicely--are some live fan favorites, unavailable anywhere else, such as "Happily Ever After," "Mona Lisa," and the Lyle Lovett inspired " Been A Long Time."


In addition to several other brand new tracks, such as the bluesy "Do Me Wrong," and the heartbreaking "Letting Go," DeVoe has included alternate versions of Strange Sunshine's "Map of the World," (later featured in another series of jewelry commercials), and "All This Love," featuring Phillipe Quint on violin, plus the raw demo of Fireworks & Karate Supplies' "Shallow Grave."


This collecton is a must-have for any Jennie DeVoe fan!

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