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Where’s Amy?’ 

Catches Jennie DeVoe

at The Warehouse in Carmel

by Amy Pauszek

Jennie DeVoe did it again. Two sold out shows back-to-back at The Warehouse in Carmel. “Where’s Amy?” was there to take in the experience and rock out to the soulful hip sounds of DeVoe’s new CD celeased shows.

Picking Flowers On The Moon is a magical live recording of a show DeVoe and her band cut in Michigan in a lovely old barn with theater seating called ‘Aten Place.’ On Nov. 7, fans lined up outside The Warehouse to get prime seats in the intimate independent music venue owned and operated by creative arts entrepreneur’s Blair Clark and Heather Ramsey Clark of Carmel.

The minute you enter the venue you feel right at home and when Jennie DeVoe walks on stage you feel as if she is performing just for you. I love watching DeVoe perform because she gives off a deep emotional audience connection and her energy is electrifying. She mixes her original rhythm and blues songs along with a few well-chosen covers to make each live concert unique and fresh. Some devoted fans traveled all the way from Cincinnati to score her new limited-edition CD and hoped to snag an autograph and/or photo with the down-to-earth artist.

Between songs, DeVoe joked with the audience and made everyone feel at ease and at home. The night was a blast and everyone who attended left with smiles while humming her catchy tunes that continued to dance in their mind and soul.

“Where’s Amy?” had the chance to shoot exclusive photos of DeVoe and her band minutes before they took the stage – a once in a lifetime opportunity where we joked, laughed and I saw the bright light that shines on and off stage through her baby blue eyes and beautiful smile.


Be sure to go online to find out her latest concert schedule, personal posts and grab her new CD. It’s truly amazing. For more, visit I guarantee you will be a fan for life.

All photos above by Amy Pauszek, except for the 2nd one down, by Courtney DeRusha.

Where’s Amy?: The Warehouse

by Amy Pauszek

I had an extraordinary experience at The Warehouse and had the opportunity to rock out the evening with the talented Jennie DeVoe. The Warehouse is an intimate independent music venue owned and operated by creative arts entrepreneurs Blair Clark and Heather Ramsey Clark of Carmel.


The minute I walked into the cozy atmosphere and was greeted by the fun, friendly crew of The Warehouse I knew I was at home. Yes, it’s almost like they invited the soulful hip DeVoe to perform at my own home for a private concert with friends. The Warehouse is hip and fresh. It’s a place where friends and family can sip on their favorite wine or beer, relax and chill to the best artists and bands in town. I found myself swaying, clapping and smiling to the beat of DeVoe and her band.


The guests who attended the sold out concert came from Chicago to Zionsville to hear her sing. She had the crowd in stitches between songs with her wit, charm and love for Indiana. DeVoe has traveled the world with standing room only concerts. I went home with her new CD, RADIATOR – The Bristol Sessions, and have not stopped listening to it yet!


Be sure to check out Jennie’s website at and ‘Where’s Amy?” hopes to see you at her July 10 concert at The Nickel Plate Amphitheater in Fishers! The Warehouse is the it place to be this summer … I can’t wait to see Shannon Haydon Liz Fohl on June 20. Hats off to Blair and Heather for bringing the best artists and music to Carmel! Grab your friends and see you there at The Warehouse.

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