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Ten Best Singles of the Decade

By Donovan Wheeler

How do you do a best of the decade and not include Jennie DeVoe?  The answer is: you don’t.  While it’s true that DeVoe’s studio activity has been relatively quiet since 2014’s Radiator: The Bristol Sessions, what remains undisputed that is DeVoe has defined a very high standard for what passes muster in the local music scene.


Whether she’s putting out something with a heavy blues influence or one of her many pop-oriented tunes which won over fans in the late ’90’s, what’s important is that Jennie DeVoe has done it by being Jennie DeVoe on her terms.  And her terms have always been defined by strong vocals, powerful melodies, and a dynamic and engaging personality.

“You Belong to Me” ripples of all things DeVoe: a smooth and melodic tempo, the protagonists powerful and belting voice, and a mood and vibe that make everyone bobbing their heads to her music confidently feel that they are in the best place in the world.  It’s crazy to think that DeVoe has been away from the recording booth as long as she has.  It’s not crazy, however, to say that central Indiana is hungry for another batch of DeVoe tunes.  She is the matriarch of the music scene in these parts.  She is everything in terms of talent and personality that nearly every band wants to be.

That’s the way it should be.  A status well-earned.  None of us, however, are ready for her to quit.

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