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I talk with Jennie DeVoe about why she turned down a record deal contract near the beginning of her career, deciding to remain fiercely independent. We discuss what makes an artist unique and how to always put forth your very best.  She touches on the importance of growing a fan base and what an honor it is to have fans who continue to support you.  Finally she explains how tenacity and guts helped her land a steady stream of music licensing deals.  Jennie is fun, angaging and full of amazing stories that will help you in your music career journey.

FEM55- Turning Down a Record Deal & Thriving as an Indie Artist w/Jennie DeVoe - Bree Noble with Jennie DeVoe
FEM55 Turning Down a Record Deal Contract & Thriving as An Indie with Jennie DeVoe

How to Differentiate Yourself from Other Artists\

  • Do something that is really you

  • Don’t follow current radio trends

  • Put forth your best effort at EVERY show

  • Find your own voice

  • Write songs to support the sweet spot in your voice

Growing and Keeping a Loyal Fanbase Without A Record Deal Contract

  • You are not entitled to fan loyalty

  • You must earn fan loyalty. This is especially important as an Indie with no record deal contract.

  • Determine how you are special as an artist to grow your fanbase

  • Give your best at every performance. You never know when it might be your last.

Making the Choice to Turn Down a Record Deal Contract & Stay an Independent Artist

  • Throwing conventional music industry wisdom out the window

  • Making the conscious choice to stay independent after understanding how the major record label business works and what a record deal contract really means for your career.

  • How Patty Griffin was shelved in her record deal contract and how that influenced her choice to remain independent

  • Understanding the privilege of radio play.

Music Licensing

  • Getting songs licensed for Dawson’s Creek and Party of Five TV shows

  • Do your research.

  • Don’t be afraid to make the call!

  • Licensing your music for commercials

Interview with Bree Noble 

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