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Featuring, "Blue Sky, Big Sun," available for purchase here.
Featuring, "Map of the World," available for purchase here.
Featuring, "Butterfly," available for purchase here.

For Jennie DeVoe, art & commerce meet

By David Lindquist,
Jennie DeVoe’s voice—speaking and/or singing—has appeared in numerous ad campaigns during the past decade. But new commercials for Reis-Nichols Jewelers elevate DeVoe’s profile in the best way possible. She’s being recognized and promoted for her original art.
In a TV ad that debuted last Saturday, the closing moments include the text, “Music by Jennie DeVoe. Song available at” The song that accompanies images of a young couple building their relationship is titled “Blue Sky, Big Sun.” DeVoe says the ad’s directors, Alex Kosene and Sami Mustaklem of 3rd Strand Productions, selected “Blue Sky, Big Sun” from a batch of unreleased tracks.
“It’s a completely different feeling of pride,” says DeVoe, contrasting a company’s jingle to the use of a song that wasn’t conceptualized for advertising. “It’s not, ‘Oh, I sang that well.’ I didn’t sing it for this commercial. They picked the song.”
DeVoe says Reis-Nichols will put “Blue Sky, Big Sun” in the spotlight for six months, followed by six months of promotion for “Map of the World”—a version of the song that’s different than what’s heard on her 2009 album, Strange Sunshine.
DeVoe narrates the radio component of the Reis-Nichols campaign, which also puts “Blue Sky, Big Sun” front and center. It’s never easy for independent musicians to reach listeners in a mainstream context, and DeVoe says all feedback for the as campaign has been positive. “I’m really excited that I did it,” she says.
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