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Jennie DeVoe Jazz Kitchen, Squirrel Pole Dancing & Much More...


Jennie DeVoe & Her Band

I've done it! I’ve stacked up some great shows for all of you and, frankly, for the band and me. It's time to get the rust out and come out of hibernation and play some great music for you all. To answer the inquiries about bringing back some past tunes and new tunes as well, we shall, we will and we are. It's all my fault of course. I tend to drag my feet when I have new songs ready. I always scrutinize them a bit before I hand ‘em over to my guys and we begin the unfolding process of where I want each song to go vs. where each song tells us it wants to go. You gotta listen to a song. You can't just cram it into a form. It will resist if you don't listen to it telling you where to go. So, yeh, I've procrastinated a bit. I have an amazing handful of good excuses and reasons. I'm gonna lay ‘em all out for you by the end of the season and I thank you all ahead of time for being the best fans and people we've ever gotten to magnetize with, ever. Right there, as I typed the word "magnetize" I knew my personal spelling expert I keep in my phone was going to

correct it or roll its proverbial eyes at me. did not. I must've actually spelled it right and also used it correctly. Smarty pants phones will be the death of us all. There is some devious AI s*#@t just waiting to do away with all our intentions and our personalities and our simple existence so don't let it! Be dumb and misspell and keep your human-ness as best you can! It's the closest step to keeping us all connected and that matters.

Let's see, what did I begin this little long-overdue email for anyway? (See, totally incorrect use of the word "for" but I don't care. I can still kick some ass on Jeopardy so let me just talk like a human from a small town. I was born in a small town.......wait, a song is trying to surface......oh, it's someone else's song, never you mind. Anyway, I began writing and flowing this email love letter to all of you (btw, I always picture that I'm writing to just you, one person, it's way easier than thinking I have some platform or reason to fulfill. Truly, it's just fun to ramble to you and thanks for indulging me up to this point.). I began this to alert you to our fantastic and amazing warm weather shows coming up SOOOOOO SOOOOON! Firstly, coming up is:

The Broad Ripple Art Fair - May 20th, Noon 12:00pm Set!

We are super excited to be there so make a note and come out early to catch our set! It's high noon, so come in your hungover pajama-lookin'-messy hair, cuz we don't care!

Jazz Kitchen Two (2x) Shows in One night! Fri. May 26th!

Oh yes, get your tickets now for our 2 x Shows at Jazz Kitchen May 26th! The first show is almost sold out, but the second show kicks ass -- Doors at 8:45 for the second one! One of our absolute favorite places to place, intimate, up close, musical, wonderful place for music ya'll!!! Get busy and get your tix!

I'm also gonna sing some background vocals with my nephew Cory at Belgian Horse Winery on Wed, May 24th, 6:30-9:30!

I'm writing this email to you before Mother's Day weekend. For all you mothers out there, give yourself some love. Be you a mama of horses and chickens and eggs and dogs and cats and what have you, or being an amazing curator of human children, hats off. The love you give and show yourself will give you the strength you sometimes need to give to those who rely on you. So don't forget to give lots of love to yourself. Actually hug yourself in public. It'll be weird and uncomfortable to those you are standing in line with at the grocery but do it and don't explain. Start a trend.

Sending love and hope and peace and forgiveness and respect and resolution and evolution to all of you right now. A letter is like a prayer in this respect. To my friends and family and fans and all of you, lots of love!!!! You rock!

See you soon and we can't wait. We are even gonna shower and rehearse soooooooo, you're welcome!